Integrated is pleased to announce the launch of our new In-Patient facility!

Progress Update: Nearing the end of August, foundations have been set, and the development of creating the facility's key to comfort is underway.

The Lobby
Prior to entering the facility, the lobby that welcomes families and patients to make them feel at home is under works.
Hall to Patient Rooms
When walking from the entrance to the patient rooms, there is a separation of offices to the patient rooms. This gives both privacy and fluidity throughout the facility.
Hall of Patient Rooms
When walking towards a patient's room, all rooms are accessible for staff and family to easily navigate.
Standard Patient's Bedroom
The standard bedrooms consist of a beautiful navy accent wall greeted with neutral tones that exemplify the natural light, that beams to illuminate the room.
Hall to Extended Bedrooms & Offices
Still in the process of construction, additional patient bedrooms that are larger than the standard bedrooms, as well as offices are being developed.

Progress Update: The foundation of walls within the whole building have been completed.

Progress Update: Here is a sneak peek into our progress as of early June.

A picture encompassing a small portion of the new interior just shy of 9,500 sq ft.
A look into a larger space within the building...
This is the exterior of our new facility currently under construction.
Bare Foundation
The beginning of building one of many patient rooms.
After a month of further construction, a wall foundation has been put up throughout the building. This image is of a larger space within the facility.