Integrated Adjective /in-ti-grey-tid/
1. Combined into a whole; united; undivided.
2. Combining or coordinating separate elements so as to provide a harmonious, interrelated whole.

Integrated Home Healthcare Services, Corp. is a company founded on the belief that people are happier, safer and healthier in their own home environments. We are a premier provider of home healthcare services delivered by the most qualified professionals in the industry. We combine the essential factors of healthy living and class-A healthcare services by the most qualified care providers delivered straight to our clients' homes.

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Integrated Home Healthcare Services, Corp.

Built by nurses, Integrated Home Healthcare Services, Corp., is a company that understands the experiences of our clients and their family members. As nurses, we understand the changing needs of our patients. We know how a diagnosis can affect an individual emotionally. We are sensitive to the emotions that families experience when illness strikes a loved one. Declining health can change all aspects of a person's life that is why effectively managing one's health at home is crucial. It is our calling to support our clients in their homes while they recover from an injury, manage a disability, encounter difficulties after a surgery, or face pain caused by illness. We understand these changes and the stress they can place on individuals and families. So, we pride ourselves on our ability to help our clients to transition through health changes.

Integrated Home Healthcare Services, Corp., cares for homebound patients who need skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational or speech therapy, medical social work services, and home health aide services. We make use of advanced technology in healthcare as well as evidenced based practices in addressing the care requirements to each client. Whether it's a serious illness that you're trying to manage or if you only need intermittent care from one of our professionals, we can customize a care plan to help you manage your health with the utmost quality of home healthcare services.

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